A Message From the President


I want to thank you for choosing SAE Institute, a world leader in creative media education. This is an exciting time in your life, as you take an important step toward acquiring the knowledge and skillsets that will enhance your journey in achieving career growth and success. We operate under a specific vision for our organization, and a set of values we try to incorporate into our daily lives, and a purpose for you as a student.

At SAE Institute, we have a vision, values, and a purpose which we follow to provide our students with a positive educational experience.

Vision: Our vision is to be one of the most trusted learning organizations in the world.


  • We have the conviction to our purpose and potential.
  • We demonstrate drive-by achieving and advancing together.
  • We are adventurous in mind and spirit.
  • We demonstrate rigor in enhancing our professional reputation and credibility.
  • We are genuine in the way we behave and deliver.
  • We show respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for people and the environment.

Purpose: Student outcomes and student experience.

Our mission and values will never change. We care deeply about your future and are here to help you achieve personal, educational and professional success.

There are many things that make SAE Institute different from other colleges and one of the largest differences in the way we deliver the curriculum. Student-centered Active Education (S.A.E.) explains the way that SAE Institute prepares students for entry-level employment in their chosen fields of employment. Students are actively involved in their learning and are taught the course information by applying what they are learning through practical, real-world assignments. One component of S.A.E. is practice-based learning, providing opportunities for continuous applications of what they’ve been taught, and through guided discussions, incorporating the knowledge that students bring to the classroom.

Through these experiences, students develop and acquire practical experience that they can apply immediately upon graduation. S.A.E. is one thing that sets SAE Institute apart. You’ll discover more as you continue your education.

I look forward to seeing you on campus.


Michael S. Bottrill 
Chief Executive Officer and GM 
SAE Institute Group

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