Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Information

Alcohol and drug consumption causes a number of changes in behavior and physiology, posing a significant threat to the health and welfare of our nation's citizens. Even minor usage can impair judgment, coordination, and abstract mental functioning. Statistics show that the vast majority of violent behaviors (including acquaintance rape, vandalism, and assaults) involve alcohol and/or drug use. Additionally, continued use stresses social relationships and may lead to dependency, which often causes permanent damage to vital organs and is counterproductive to a healthy lifestyle.

There are definite health risks associated with the use of alcohol and drugs. Alcohol or any other drug used in excess over time can produce illness, disability, and death. The health consequences of substance abuse may be immediate and unpredictable, such as cardiac arrest or liver deterioration. Below is a chart taken from the National Substance Abuse website which shows the stages of how a body responds to the consumption of alcohol, including the finality of death: