Meet SAE Institute Instructor Erin Pennington

Meet SAE Institute Instructor Erin Pennington. We caught up with Erin to discuss tips for working in the entertainment industry, the type of classes offered at SAE Institute, and some careers graduates can look forward to.

What are some great areas to work in after graduating SAE Institute?

I really think working for a crew that produces large-scale live events is extremely beneficial for any area of entertainment. You get hands on experience with events that you don’t normally get in the classroom.

What are some tips students should know about in terms of how they should brand themselves for success in the future?

100% of the content you create as a brand needs to serve your audience and not yourself. This prevents you from holding back on what is best for yourself in the long term.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in working in the entertainment industry?

Learn ALL of the available jobs within the industry.
Find one specialty within the industry and become the one person that everyone needs to go to in order to have that one thing done right.

What are some of the classes you teach at SAE Institute?

ENT100 – Teaching students the basics of the business side of the entertainment industry such as copyright, contracts, marketing, networking.
ENT130 – Introduction to digital media production. Learn the basics of photography, videography, podcasting, etc.
ENT230 – Web Design for the entertainment industry / How to distribute digital media online
CAR200 – Career prep class. How to show employers you are job worthy and how to network within the industry

On top of being an instructor at SAE Institute Nashville, Erin started a media production company, XPLR, that mainly provides video, photography, and podcasting services to clients around Nashville. Last year he produced a popular podcast, Bussin’ With the Boys, featuring two NFL players.