Housing Options

Housing Options in the Bay Area

Here at SAE Expression College, we want you to have an ideal housing situation that you feel comfortable in. Although SAE Expression College does not provide on-campus housing, we provided this Student Housing Guide and other housing information as a courtesy to students for reference only.  SAE Institute has no affiliation with any landlord or property owner. SAE Expression College does not investigate, endorse or guarantee information provided by third parties.

Need an Apartment?

Looking for an apartment nearby? Check out the websites of some of these options:

Prefer a Student Dorm?

Although we don’t offer on-campus dorms, there are off-campus dorms available for students all over San Francisco:

Looking for Roommates? 

Finding a roommate can help to offset some of your living expenses. Check the following websites to meet other people interested in sharing a place:


Students may need to figure in expenses for the following utilities when renting:

Cable/Internet/Phone Service:

Need extra help?

Check out these helpful websites for more info: