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About the Campus

SAE Institute San Francisco

SAE Institute San Francisco is part of SAE Institute's long legacy of training students for success in the Audio and Entertainment Industries. The studio facilities are used for education purposes only and students never have to worry about losing out valuable practical time to commercial projects. Our staff are dedicated to the success of our students and work with them to develop their personal interests in recording, producing, mixing and mastering great music.

Programs & Tuition

Programs Offered:

Audio Technology Diploma

Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $21,700.00
Laptop Package: $4,000.00
Textbooks: $200.00
Technology Fee: $399.00
California STRF Assessment (if applicable): $0.00



*price does not include the current California STRF Fee

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About the Area

About San Francisco

In 2013 San Francisco was the 4th largest music market in the United States, behind New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. With a population of over 900,000 in a condensed 7X7 mile city limit. San Francisco is one of the live music/entertainment capitals in the US with hundreds of live venue's. The San Francisco Bay Area is a top tour destination for any aspiring or relevant bands and artist’s. The San Francisco Bay Area is the hub of the ever evolving Video Game Industry. With such Gaming companies as Sega, Sony Playstation, Capcom, Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Lucas Arts, Disney, Ubisoft, 2K Games, IGN, Tecmo, Zenga, and the list goes on! You also can't mention The San Francisco Bay Area without mentioning the Tech Industry. With some of the leading global companies such as: Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Salesforce, as well as up and coming companies such as: AirBnB, Square and Dropbox. It is safe to say that the San Francisco Bay Area is at the for front of leading technology!

Local Services in San Francisco

Emergency Services

  • Emergency: 911 (Ambulance, Fire, Police)
  • Poisons Advice: 1.800.222.1222
  • City of San Francisco - Non-Emergency: 311

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San Francisco Transportation

Several services offer transit around the Bay Area.

Housing Options

Housing Options in San Francisco

Need an Apartment?

Looking for an apartment nearby? Check out the websites of some of these options:

Prefer a Student Dorm?

Although we don’t offer on-campus dorms, there are off-campus dorms available for students all over San Francisco:

Looking for Roommates? 

Finding a roommate can help to offset some of your living expenses. Check the following websites to meet other people interested in sharing a place:


Students may need to figure in expenses for the following utilities when renting:

Cable/Internet/Phone Service:

Need extra help?

Check out these helpful websites for more info:

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