International Scholarships

The SAE Institute Scholarship Program invests in future industry professionals; supporting students in need and rewarding achievement, dedication, and future potential. If you believe in your potential, apply now for one of our scholarships and show us why you think we should invest in you.

International Scholarship Requirements

SAE Institute International Student Scholarship is for full-time students attending SAE Institute on an appropriate student visa. The International Student Scholarship covers 10% of program tuition.

To apply, students must meet the following criteria:

The scholarship application is complete once all items are received by the Financial Services Office.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The complete application package is due to the Financial Services office no later than 3 months before the start of the term.

Students awarded a scholarship will have the total award divided among their remaining payment periods of enrollment in the program. Payment of the award is made as a cash credit against the total balance on the student’s ledger at the successful completion of each semester. The scholarship has no cash equivalence. Students who withdraw or are terminated due to nonattendance, code of conduct violations or otherwise fail the semester will have the award amount pro-rated to the percentage of the semester completed.

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