Home Studio Showcase with Andy Wildrick

Nashville, TN

Home Studio Showcase with Andy Wildrick

SAE Institute Nashville Audio Program Chair Andy Wildrick is going Live! Andy will be discussing and demonstrating the recording and mix processes for 3 recently released tracks from Nashville artists Fever Dream, The Bad Hats and Mitchkraft.

Andy Wildrick is an instructor and the audio program chair at SAE Institute Nashville. A few highlights for Andy include performing on television twice with American Idol Winner David Cook, performing at the Soundwave Festival in Australia and opening for Panic! at the Disco on a sold-out European tour. His experiences as a musician provided many recording studio experiences with top producers. This instilled an interest in the record-making process. He has since produced nearly 60 albums, has had multiple songs on TV shows and in video games, and maintains a Nashville-based studio called Wild Rick Sound.

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