iZotope Presents Master Your Sound

Chicago, IL

iZotope Presents Master Your Sound

Open to the Public!

Explore iZotope’s Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 that feature ground-breaking technology that puts more power in users’ hands, allowing them to achieve balanced, professional mixes and masters that sound great in any listening environment. Attendees can expect to leave with practical tips and tricks to achieve better mixes and masters that will translate beautifully from the car to the club.

We will show you how Ozone and Neutron can improve your workflow using hundreds of professional mixes and masters as a basis for their intelligent processing, giving you the benefit of countless studio engineers' experience. Best of all, these two software suites are fully integrated with one another!

In addition to the main event, be sure to stop by to record a LIVE session with iZotope at the new Spire Mobile Recording Studio. Vocalist, Guitar players, anyone and everyone are invited!