Microphone & Sound Comparisons for Various Instruments and Effects | Live Stream

Nashville, TN

Microphone & Sound Comparisons for Various Instruments and Effects | Live Stream

Kevin will give some practical applications of how to apply the knowledge that you gain from SAE Institute. (Microphone and sound comparisons for various instruments and effects with an emphasis on practical applications)

Bio: Kevin White is a Nashville based musician, audio engineer, musicologist, film composer, and audio educator. As an audio engineer, Kevin has worked with national corporate clients, films, radio, rock bands and gained a reputation for his retro-futurist aesthetics. He has taught classes on mixing and lo-fi production techniques. Kevin is a voting member of the recording academy. Kevin leverages his industry experience and contacts in his full-time position as the Career Services Advisor for SAE Institute Nashville. A notable milestone in Kevin's career has been his contributions to the NASA Apollo Flight Journal. His musicology and audio restoration work has contributed to the preservation of American/space flight history as well as expanding the frontiers of musicology. Kevin was part of the newly-released documentary film Teslafy Me (2019) which presents the history of renewable energy and the authentic story of Nikola Tesla from the perspective of his Balkan homeland. As the film's composer and sound supervisor Kevin created a unique sonic signature for the film utilizing sounds from Tesla's lifetime including eclectic instruments such as the: Theremin, Ondes Martenot, Hammond Novachord, and Solovox. He also used source samples of vintage equipment including electric arcs, Tesla Coils, and a Bell Labs Voder.

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