Recording Guitars Without Amplifiers | Webinar

Recording Guitars Without Amplifiers | Webinar

Brian Fechino will be discussing how he uses guitar plugins and simulators to record when he is not in a studio to use guitar amplifiers.

Brian is a guitarist, producer, and mixer. As a producer, he works with both solo artists building complete tracks and full bands to shape, direct and capture their sound often lending guitar, bass and keys. Brian is the studio manager at The Holler in Nashville owned by Chuck Cannon and spends most of his time working out of there, though he often finds himself doing interesting and odd location recordings even setting up recording studios on cruise ships. He has had many of his produced songs on tv including recent shows like CBS’s All Rise and ABC’s Stumptown. Brian is the producer of the annual “The Sixthman sessions“ as well as “The Write by the Sea” albums and works closely with The Rock Boat music festival and Rock by the Sea charity festival.

As a guitarist, he puts a higher priority on taste and tone rather than technical gymnastics. Often you will hear his oddball sense of humor come through his playing for some totally unexpected twists!

Brian has recorded 5 solo instrumental albums and continues to collaborate with artists around the country. Well versed in many styles he has songs in rotation on XM radio as well as the Echos radio show.

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