“American Idol” Contestant Enrolls in SAE Nashville’s Music Business Program

Nashville, TN

17 Dec 2014

SAE Nashville Campus



“American Idol” Contestant Enrolls in SAE Nashville’s Music Business Program

17 Dec 2014

Jada Vance, a 2013 contestant on "American Idol", has enrolled in the Music Business Associate Degree Program at SAE Institute Nashville. The Program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the business aspects of the music industry, as well as prepare them for roles as executives or entrepreneurs.

"After my initial visit to SAE, I knew that it's where I should be," says Vance. "I needed to learn the music business from the ground up if I was going to pursue it as a full-time career, and SAE's program is providing me with essential industry knowledge and understanding that will be useful to me as an artist, performer, and business owner."

Born in Madison, TN, Vance grew up in nearby Portland. She spent her childhood and teen years singing with her family, in church, and performing karaoke with friends. In 2013, she auditioned for "American Idol" in Bowling Green, KY, made it through two more auditions in Baton Rouge, and in December, she was in Hollywood, CA. She survived two rounds of "Idol" eliminations in California.

After graduating from Portland High School in 2014, Vance decided to pursue a formal education in the business side of the music business.

"Once I had finished recording my first EP, 'Read My Lipstick', I was ready to get an understanding of the nitty gritty details behind the artistry of singing," says Vance. "With Portland being so close to Nashville, SAE's Music Business Program was the perfect choice for me. Once I graduate in January 2016, I'll be ready to hit the ground running."

Vance plans to combine her SAE education with her experience as a performer to continue developing her singing career and, one day, possibly opening a recording studio.

"The faculty at SAE is always willing to help me and the other students in any way that they can," says Vance. "I've even recommended the school to some of my other musically-inclined friends to check out, and I know that they'd love it like I do. In terms of what I've learned so far, there's nothing better than working in a studio with Nashville's top session musicians and understanding and participating in a detailed conversation about 'the business'. After just one semester of SAE, I already have that ability and knowledge."

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