BandSmart Weekend

Chicago, IL

20 Jun 2013

SAE Institute Hosts BandSmart Weekend



BandSmart Weekend

20 Jun 2013

SAE Institute, which was recently recognized as being the best audio engineering school in America by Vibe Magazine, will host Martin Atkins’ BandSmart Weekend, a comprehensive music business education seminar at its Chicago campus. The event, which will be held on Saturday 8/10 and Sunday 8/11, will cover topics that aspiring music business professionals need to know in order to succeed on their own terms in the industry.

“Whether you’re a musician, engineer, producer, blogger, publicist, manager, promoter, or student, Martin’s BandSmart Weekend will turbocharge your pursuits in the music business,” says James Thomas, Campus Director of SAE Institute Chicago. “You’ll learn inside tips, advice, and guidance that will help you to be more productive with your time and more efficient with your efforts.

BandSmart will offer seminars, panels, and presentations on a variety of topics, including: 

  • Crowdfunding
  • Show production
  • Touring
  • Web development
  • Social media strategy
  • iPhonography
  • Packaging

Guest speakers will include:

  • Wendy Day – Founder of the non-profit Rap Coalition and author of the top-selling Amazon Kindle e-book How To Get A Record Deal: The Knowledge To Succeed.
  • Gary Kuzminski – Expert on interactive and social media, guerrilla marketing, and technology.
  • Greg Kot – Music critic at The Chicago Tribune, contributor to Rolling Stone, author, and co-host of “Sound Opinions” on Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ-FM).
  • Josh Chicoine – Co-founder of the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival (CIMMfest).
  • Kris Myers - Drummer for Chicago-based progressive rock band, Umphrey’s McGee.
  • Hillel Frankel – President at Novo Arts and Managing Partner of The Entertainment Law Office, P.C.
  • Rokker Inker - Owner of Rökker Vodka, Publisher and Broadcaster of Maximum Ink Magazine and Radio.
  • Shaun Barrett – Co-founder of 4 Ohm Entertainment Group.
  • David Silbaugh – Talent Buyer for Summerfest, A&R Consultant for Banshee Music, Entertainment Relations Consultant for Gibson, and partner in entertainment consulting firm Pursuit Live.
  • Gabe McDonough - VP, Music Director/Leo Burnett.
  • Elle Quintana – Talent Buyer for Reggie’s Rock Club, SXSW, and Bash on Wabash.
  • Jen Remsik – Owner, Sapling Events and co-creator of Madison Ruby Conference.
  • Jim Remsik – Principal at Bendyworks, software developer, co-creator of Madison Ruby Conference.
  • Stephen Harms – Owner of The Warehouse (LaCross, WI), Zero Budget Records, and Warehouse Posters.
  • Mary Sweeney – Owner, Mary Sweeney Photography.
  • Lance Curran – Owner of t-shirt company Threadless and co-founder of Arcade Brewery
  • Julian Grant - Filmmaker, Writer, Producer, Director, Consultant, and Professor.
  • Martin Atkins – Educator, Author, Artist, and Consultant.

“BandSmart will share essential music business insights that you’ll never hear anywhere else, or would take you years to discover on your own,” says Martin Atkins, founder of BandSmart and author of the book BandSmart: Succeed In The Music Business On Your Own Terms (Soluble LLC). “Our expert panelists will provide information, help, hope, beer, shirts, stuff, information, and the power to help you smartly and successfully steer your music business career.”

Along with its panels, BandSmart will also present demonstrations and interactive workshops, including screenprinting (offered by Replica Chicago), mastering, and one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions with the event’s guest panelists.

Check out the BandSmart Weekend highlight video!