iStandard Producers' Branding and Promotions Workshop at SAE New York

New York, NY

1 Apr 2015

SAE Eavesdropper Buda da Future Dove Clark



iStandard Producers' Branding and Promotions Workshop at SAE New York

1 Apr 2015

After having to reschedule the event twice due to snowstorms in New York, iStandard Producers’ latest installment of their Business of Music Production Workshop took place on March 9 at our Chelsea campus. Moderated by iStandard co-founder, J Hatch, the panel discussed branding and relationships with special guests Buda da Future (50 Cent, The Lox, Juelz Santana) and Dove Clark, publicist and founder of Tygereye Entertainment for brand development and media relations.

The panel talked about utilizing social media to engage with your audience. Dove emphasized, “get to know what people like and don’t like individually – you can’t treat everyone the same.” Social media brings the power to connect with many people, and those people all have different interests. A general message will not appeal to them all.

The workshop continued with in-depth advice on face-to-face relationship building, summarized best by J Hatch: “You need to get out, shake hands, and kiss babies again.”

Check out the full workshop on SAEtv, and stay tuned for future installments of the Business of Music Workshop.


Chapter List

  • 0:00-8:86/ Introductions and Background
  • 8:57/ Buda on Career Progression & Branding
  • 9:52/ Dove on Engagement
  • 13:45/ The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media
  • 15:17/ "Real" Relationships in the Industry
  • 20:48/ Relationships in the Industry and Market
  • 28:40/ Industry Advice
  • 31:00/ Buda on The Rise; From the bottom to the top
  • 35:24/ How to Follow Up
  • 39:00/ Q&A Session