iZotope Product Workshop at SAE New York

New York, NY

15 Apr 2015

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iZotope Product Workshop at SAE New York

15 Apr 2015

iZotope Product Specialist, Brandon Carroll, visited SAE Institute New York to demonstrate RX 4, Iris 2, and Ozone 6 for students.

Prior to his workshops, we caught up with Brandon to record a sneak peek episode for SAEtv and to get a brief overview of the power behind iZotope's software.

Brandon first showed RX 4, an audio repair and enhancement program. Unlike many other programs using a waveform, RX 4 displays a spectrogram to give the user a full visual of the audio they're working with.

With Iris 2, Brandon explained how the 4 channel sample-based synthesizer functions and also uses the spectrogram and other similar tools as seen in RX 4. The program comes with 10Gb of samples in the box, but the software is more versatile by creating and using your own samples.

iZotope's master software, Ozone 6, now comes in a standalone version that can be used either within your DAW or outside by itself and use third-party plugins. Brandon explained that with Ozone 6 compared to 5, there was a complete overhaul of the graphical interface. The workflow is streamlined for a better experience.

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