SAE New York Celebrates 0114FT & 0513PT Graduates

New York, NY

29 Oct 2014

SAE New York Graduation Party 10-24-14



SAE New York Celebrates 0114FT & 0513PT Graduates

29 Oct 2014

Celebrating the recent graduates from 0114FT and 0513PT Audio Technology Program, SAE New York organized a graduation party at The Gin Mill in New York City’s Upper West Side.  

In the private Speakeasy Room, faculty, staff, and graduates with their guests joined together for an evening to congratulate the new alumni for their hard work and success. The graduates’ final projects were piped through the room’s sound system throughout the party, and Audio Technology Department Chair, Justin Colletti, announced each graduate as they received their diploma and congratulations from faculty and staff.

Justin also announced award winners for the graduating classes:

Outstanding Final Project: Michael Gall (0114FT)

Highest Hours (in excess of 900): Onyenim Iwebuke (0114FT)

Highest GPA: Jhriber Galva (0114FT) and Nick Guinan (0513PT)


SAE New York Graduation Photo Gallery