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10 Dec 2013

SAE Chicago and Vintage King Audio



Vintage King Audio

10 Dec 2013

Vintage King Audio is improving the studio facilities for Audio Technology Program students at SAE Institute’s creative media arts colleges across the United States.Vintage King provided SAE’s newly opened Chicago campus with a Toft ATB 32 and select outboard gear, including Daking 500 Series EQs and Mic Pres, Purple Action Compressor, SSL 611 Dynamics, and Phoenix Audio DRS-EQ500. A similar package was installed in Nashville and is slated for San Francisco. SAE’s Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Miami campuses were equipped with the new Genelec M040 and M030 monitors. Both the Nashville and Miami campuses also received new outboard gear for their SSL rooms and a variety of new microphones from Neumann, Royer, Sennheiser, AKG, and others.