Clint Moody

"All we see and all we seem is but a dream within a dream." Edgar Allen Poe


Musician. Nerd. Adventurer.

Obsessive learner and professional mixing and mastering engineer for several electronic music, Pop, and Rock artists you may or may not have heard of having working with dozens of the hottest bands, musicians and DJs in the electronic music space including, but not limited to A Hundred Drums, Ahee, Big X, Big Gigantic, Chase Atlantic, Mersiv, SoDown, Smoakland, Ravenscoon, Set It Off, Scotty Sire, and many more. Clint is the former 2nd engineer to the legendary Seth Drake and a graduate of MTSU’s recording industry program. He’s been making music since he was 7 and have been making electronic music since 2008. Wanna learn music production in the modern era? Clint can guide you.


Clint Moody has completed the following qualifications:
Bachelor's of Science in Audio Middle Tennessee State University