Admissions Process

Admission to SAE Institute is open to any individual who is seriously interested in creative media industries and meets all necessary entrance requirements. No previous experience is required. An overview of entry requirements and application process is given below.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted into a program at SAE Institute, prospective students must:

  • Successfully pass the Entrance Evaluation by scoring 14 or higher on the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (Wonderlic SLC), 17 or higher on the ACT, or 1260 or higher on the SAT, and provide official documentation of the results
  • Provide Proof of Graduation in the form of a high school diploma, GED/TASC completion certificate, high school transcript or post-secondary degree transcript
  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Demonstrate English language proficiency
  • Complete, sign, and submit the Enrollment Agreement
  • International Students are required to pay their First Term payment and must include a statement from a guarantor that he/she is willing to provide applicant with financial support for a minimum of one year along with: a personal bank statement of the guarantor converted to U.S. dollars, the amount of financial support the guarantor is willing to provide for one academic year, the guarantor's name, address, signature, email address, and relationship with the student.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, up to and including the start date of the program as long as the requirements are met and seats are available. Once the enrollment requirements have been met, seats are granted on a first come, first serve basis. Seats fill up quickly so if a class section is full, the Admissions Department will offer the applicant an alternate time or start date.

After all requirements for admission have been met, each prospective student must sign an Enrollment Agreement. The Enrollment Agreement is a contract between the student and the school intended to protect the student and provide specific disclosure information, such as the total cost of the program, refund information (in the event of withdrawal from the school), and total length of the program of study. The student should retain a copy of the signed Enrollment Agreement for personal use. In the event that a student withdraws then re-enrolls or changes status, a new Enrollment Agreement must be signed.

How to Apply

Applying for SAE programs is a straightforward process involving only a few simple steps. An admissions representative will guide you through the process and identify the best course options for you. We have multiple start dates throughout the year and flexible study options to suit your schedule.

Admission to SAE Institute of Technology is open to any individual who is seriously interested in creative media industries and meets all necessary entrance requirements. No previous experience is required.

Prospective students may begin their admissions process in person, by mail, or online at Those enrolling in person may make an appointment to visit the SAE Institute of Technology campus of intended enrollment during regular office hours. Out-of-area prospective students must contact the SAE Institute of Technology campus of intended enrollment.

Get Started

Domestic students

 To apply for any program at SAE, all you need to do is complete all the steps in our enrollment checklist:

  1. Fill out an application and return it with your enrollment fee.
  2. Provide a copy of your high school diploma, G.E.D., or sealed high school transcript.
  3. Undergo an interview with an Admissions Rep
  4. Pass the entrance exam.
  5. Meet with your Financial Aid Administrator.
  6. Sign an Enrollment Agreement.
  7. Optional: Visit Free Application for Federal Student Aid website to complete an application for Federal Aid. Find your SAE Campus Code.

Remember, you can call our Admissions team on 1-800-872-1504 or contact your nearest campus should you have any questions or need further assistance.

International students

Request Information for International Students

Below is an overview of the International Admissions process. Visit My Student Visa for more information on how to apply for admission to SAE and the appropriate visa.


Submit a copy of your passport, valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of intended stay in the US.


Submit an application along with the enrollment fee for your desired campus.

Academic requirements

All students that have attended high school outside of the USA must have their transcripts evaluated by a NACES approved evaluation company.  We recommend using this website. Please visit the site for individual country instructions.

English language requirements

International students from non-English speaking countries must demonstrate English ability. Please speak with an admissions representative for more details.

Entrance Exam

Schedule and take the entrance exam - a multiple choice test administered online.

Financial Support

Submit a recent bank account statement in order to meet USA Embassy Visa requirements.


If accepted, you must then sign an enrollment agreement and pay the entrance costs.

If you have any questions regarding International Admission procedures, please get in touch with Jesse Fagerhaugh, our International Admissions Coordinator, or visit this website.

Transfer to SAE Institute

Students who formerly attended a post-secondary institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education may be granted transfer credit for equivalent courses taken at the previous institution.

Students must arrange for official transcripts from all previous institutions forwarded directly to the Student Services Coordinator's office at SAE Institute. The official transcript(s) must be received as soon as possible after the student has enrolled so the student can receive a correct schedule.

The decision to award transfer credit is at the sole discretion of SAE Institute. SAE Institute will determine if courses completed at previous institutions are sufficiently equivalent to courses in the student's program of intended enrollment. Only courses with passing grades of "C" or better will be taken into consideration for transfer. Other factors used to determine transfer of credit include but are not limited to the number of course credits earned, objectives and descriptions of previous courses, length of time passed since courses were completed, and the academic level of previous courses. Students may be required to provide a course catalog or syllabus from the previous institution in order for SAE Institute to make a fair assessment. Courses that are approved to be awarded transfer of credit will show on the student’s transcript as "TC."

Students who receive transfer credit will have the tuition charge for the program prorated based upon the remaining number of credit hours the student must earn in order to graduate. Students must complete at least 50% of their coursework at SAE Institute.

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