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In order to enroll at SAE Institute in the United States, you need to obtain an M-1 student visa before traveling to the country to begin your studies. Read on for more information about applying for your student visa.
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How to Apply for your US Student Visa

Steps may vary depending on your nationality and home country.
  • Receive Your I-20
    Sign your letter of acceptance, pay your deposit and submit all official documents required to clear any remaining conditions listed on your offer letter. Once all conditions are met, you will be sent an official acceptance letter and a Form I-20 issued by the University. Please sign your Form I-20 at line 11 at the bottom of page 1. If you discover an error on your I-20, please contact SAE Institute staff immediately.

  • Make a visa interview appointment
    Visit to request a visa interview. Wait times for interview appointments vary by location and time of year; apply early for your visa interview so you don’t miss the start of classes. Practice your English conversation skills for your visa interview appointment, which may be your one and only opportunity to get a U.S. student visa.
  • Complete Form DS-160
    Take photos matching the required photo formats for your visa application. Complete the online visa application (Form DS-160), pay the application fee, and upload your photos here: Print the application form confirmation page to bring to your interview.
  • Pay the SEVIS fee
    Pay the one-time SEVIS fee online: You must bring the receipt/proof of payment with you to your visa interview appointment.
  • Attend the interview


How to Prepare for the US Student Visa Interview

Interview tips and what to expect

The visa interview is the most important step in the visa application process. During your interview, a U.S. consular officer will ask questions and review your documents to determine if you are qualified to receive a visa. The interview may end in less than a minute if you are not able to answer questions in a satisfactory manner. 

  1. Make a positive first impression
  2. Speak for yourself—don’t expect a parent to help
  3. Answer in English
  4. Explain your connections to your home country
  5. Explain your study plan
  6. Share how your studies will prepare you for employment in your home country
  7. Explain financial support plans for your dependents
  8. Be prepared to react well if your application is denied

Get the full details in our downloadable guide below.

The information provided is general advice; this information is not intended to replace formal advice from the U.S. Department of State. SAE Institute is not liable for any actions based on the general advice herein.

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