Information for International Students

Studying internationally is an incredibly rewarding experience. However, there are plenty of challenges too. We work hard to provide a smooth transition to our international students. Read on to learn important information for international students planning to study in the US.
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Every year thousands of students travel to America for our quality of education, high standard of living, competitive costs, and unbeatable social, sporting, and cultural experiences. In the U.S., we welcome and appreciate our international students who bring us diverse ways of thinking and problem-solving, and who also introduce us to different cultures and traditions.
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A Global Network of SAE Institute Graduates

We welcome students to each of our United States campuses, located in some of the best cities in the U.S.

As an international student at SAE Institute, you gain access to a global network of creative-minded people just like yourself.

Our project-based courses ensure you learn by doing, resulting in an extensive portfolio of work preparing you for a career.

From Music City to the Big Apple

We have five locations around the U.S. – Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Nashville, and New York City.

Under the expert guidance of industry-leading instructors, you will participate in real-world projects as part of your program of study.

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Living in America

In preparation for your stay in America, please read the US Government page Welcome to the United States, which gives comprehensive information on:

  • Planning your departure
  • Arriving in America
  • Accommodation
  • Accessing student support services
  • Remaining visa complaint
  • Working while you study
  • Living costs
  • Health and safety
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Phone and internet
  • Transport

Discover America is a great resource to help you when beginning your life in America.

Visit this site for more information on International Student Health Insurance.

Applying for a U.S. Student Visa

Applying for your U.S. student visa can be confusing. To help, we’ve organized a lot of helpful information and a downloadable guide.



With our industry connections, specialized teachers, and personalized education, you can unleash your creative future with confidence.