About SAE Institute

We believe pioneering minds create the future, and all ideas need a place to grow. Our reputation as one of the leading global specialists in creative media education comes from over 40 years of developing creativity, delivering practical skills, and educating our students with real-world industry knowledge.
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SAE Institute is a dynamic global institute with industry credibility. For years, we’ve provided creative media education to inspire and develop our graduates.

We have campuses in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Nashville, and New York. Our campuses in the US educate over 2,500 creatives who excel in programs across three disciplines – Audio, Entertainment Business, and Digital Film.

We’re responsive to the real world

SAE Institute programs embrace digital technology. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, being explorative, and being brave.

Classes are modern and inspiring

SAE Institute courses are high-tech and have their finger on the pulse of the creative industry. We offer courses in more than 20 countries with around 50 campuses, enabling collaboration and networking with a global perspective.

Our programs have a practical focus

They evolve to meet the needs of students and industry demands. They are delivered on-campus and online using the latest technology and offer a personalized, interactive, and collaborative learning environment.

Students utilize industry-standard equipment and software

You’ll have access to our well-situated campuses, and modern studios. Students also benefit from our extensive industry network and lifetime career services support.

Your SAE Institute experience will support your creative and professional goals. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd, and prepare you for the industry.

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