James Meslin

Recording, mixing, monitor, FOH, playback engineer; producer
SAE Institute of Technology New York
James Meslin
I enjoyed my time at SAE. It gave me the opportunity to be around like-minded people who wanted to geek about good-sounding records, work with real consoles that I had only seen in pictures and plug-ins, and talk with people who had more experience than I did. It's the type of place that you get out as much as you put in, a lot like working in professional studios. Always be the first in and the last to leave!


2022 Grammy; Best Metal Performance w/ Dream Theater (engineering, additional production)

2020 Prog Report Awards; Live Album Of The Year Dream Theater: Distant Memories (mixer)

2020 Prog Report Awards: Production Of The Year John Petrucci Terminal Velocity (engineered, production)

2018 Rupert Neve Designs feature: First to record with RND RMP-D8