Josh Colby

SAE Institute Nashville
Josh Colby
One of the biggest reasons I chose to attend SAE was the experience and credibility of the staff. Every single one of them either had extensive credits, or was working full time in the industry successfully. This was of huge value to me because I wanted to learn from a working professional, someone that knows the current climate of the industry. The instructors set the expectations up front on what it takes to become successful in this competitive industry and provided us with tools to help achieve this.

Overall, my time at SAE was very valuable and really helped jump start my career in the music industry.


Josh wrote and produced music placed on the ABC Family/Freeform TV series “The Fosters” Season 2.

He is an independent freelance mixing engineer based out of my private studio The Elephant Room. He has mixed/mastered for various signed and independent artists. (Atlantic/Effess Records). Josh is also Audio consultant for Vintage King Nashville.