Marvin Chamizo

SAE Institute of Technology Miami
I had a very good and informative time at SAE. Although I went to class with audio knowledge already, the school really helped me refine those skills. I had great professors who had real world experience from working in the industry for a very long time. They made class very fun and made the lessons very interactive. Those amazing professors that SAE Miami had were definitely the most helpful thing about the school.
My education at SAE was a very hands-on type of education and it really helped me prepare to be successful once I graduated.


Since graduation, Marvin worked at a dubbing studio for two years as a Recording and Mixing Engineer. He also had the opportunity to work as a voice over dubbing actor.

Marvin has been producing and performing under his pseudo-name/artist name VAXLE and has had great opportunities to to perform at many big events and festivals. He has also been working as an independent recording/mixing engineer for artists in Florida.