Rafael Pagan

SAE Institute of Technology Miami
Rafael Pagan
Before going to SAE, all I wanted was to learn how to be a better music producer. But once I started going to school, I saw other opportunities that I can achieve easily and be passionate about than just making music. I found it very useful that many of the professors & techs are all have different backgrounds of Audio Engineering and learn their perspectives on tackling various scenarios & how well they can prepare you for solving problems & avoiding problems that you may face in the future. After I graduated, I had an immense knowledge of Audio Technology that gave me a very particular skill of being a very multitasking Audio Engineer. It’s all thanks to SAE that gave me to tools & skills for me achieving my goals & careers.

I highly recommend anyone who’s interested to learn more about Audio, Music, Media, and such to go to SAE.


Rafael has worked in the music industry for over a decade as an Audio Striker, Audio Engineer, AV, Producer, DJ, LED Tech and LED VJ.  He worked on multiple EDM festivals and shows such as Life in Color, Ultra, EDC Orlando, SMF Tampa as well as the Clevelander Hotel in South Beach for 4 years with multiple Winter Music Conferences and Miami Music Week shows, where he performed as an Audio-Visual Tech & LED Programmer.

Rafael started his own Podcast show where he discusses all the experiences he has encountered in the music industry and helps guide others on how to pursue their goals.