3 Reasons to Study Audio in New York

In part three of our series highlighting our different campus locations and the benefits surrounding them, we’re headed to “the city that never sleeps”, better known as New York City. Sure, you’ve seen the movies where starry-eyed dreamers leave their small towns to chase stardom in the world’s most vibrant entertainment mecca, but what exactly is it about this city that draws in those who want to begin their careers in Audio specifically? Follow along as we give you three reasons why! 


One of the main reasons why New York City is a great place to study audio is the deep cultural ties that permeate the city. New York City has provided the backdrop for many of the greatest movements in music like the Harlem Renaissance of 1920’s, the rise to prominence of disco in the 70’s, and the birthplace of hip hop music in the Bronx. It’s diverse range of cultural influences on art and expression has truly made it a melting pot of inspiration. Inspiration that can be felt by anyone who considers themself an artist themself or has like minded interests.

Much of the history of Live music also took place in New York. Woodstock, widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history, was first held in New York state, drawing an audience of over 400,000 people in August 1969.

Broadway (or Broadway theatres), located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center in New York first became popular and present in New York in 1750 and are still incredibly popular and culturally relevant to this day.


It’s no secret that New York is home to some of the biggest record labels in the world. If your interests lie in music production or engineering specifically, you’d be happy to know that major labels like Universal Music Group, Def Jam, Atlantic Records, and Sony Music Entertainment all call the city home, making it a hub for both new and distinguished talent. But it doesn’t stop there.

A study by the New Work City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertaiment shows that New York is the home of the world’s largest music ecosystem. With over 60,000 jobs, $5 billion in wages, and $21 billion in economic output, studying and working in NYC is a must for any aspiring audio industry professional.

“New York is a great place to study audio and to pursue your audio career,” says SAE Institute Associate Dean of Career Services, Dave Andris. “It’s home to historic studios like Electric Lady, Sterling Sound, Hit Factory, Power Station, Quad, and on and on. Not only that, there are a wealth of other audio facilities ranging from post-production to audiobook and podcast production facilities in the city. Finish that off with the film and television production that happens in the city and state of New York and you have a great recipe for a location to begin your audio career.”  


Located in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan’s tech district, sits the very first US-based SAE Institute campus. The campus provides not only traditional lecture-style classes, but hands-on training and individual studio time, while providing facilities reflective of a professional work environment to train students for careers in the audio industry. 

Our Audio Technology Diploma can be completed in only 12 months and will get you ready to shake up the audio industry. Our hands-on classes can equip you with essential audio engineering skills like planning, setting up, and operating a recording session, advanced signal flow, and recording, editing, and mixing sound for picture. 

After graduation, you will be ready to take the first step towards a career as an audio engineer, sound assistant, production assistant, sound cutter, and many more. And you will have gained a professional network of peers, essential for career advancement.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in Audio and think NYC might be the right place for you, be sure to get in touch with us online or by calling our campus directly at 212-944-9121. You can also take a virtual tour of our New York campus, by visiting us on our Youtube channel!