3 Reasons to Study Creative Media in Atlanta


Your passion for creativity is real. You know you want a career in music, film, or the entertainment business. You know that success requires more than just passion and have decided to pursue a degree program to give to an advantage over your competition. Now the question is, “where should I study creative media?” Find out why Atlanta GA is a great place to study audio, film, and entertainment business.

Amazing attractions, a vibrant arts and culture scene, countless bars and restaurants, music venues for all tastes and budgets, festivals year-round—Atlanta has it all. It’s easy to see why Atlanta has become a student magnet. 

Study audio in Atlanta—a major player in the music industry

Atlanta is considered to be one of the capitals of rap, hip-hop, R&B, and gospel in the United States. “Music is ATL’s calling card”, they say, and both artists and the music industry have responded eagerly to its call.

Atlanta is home to a number of award-winning, globally recognized talent of the likes of OutKast, Cee Lo Green, 2 Chainz, and Akon, classical music giants, and 27-time GRAMMY Award-winning Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and Country music chart-toppers Luke Bryan and Lady Antebellum. Atlanta’s music industry is a result of its legacy of music giants James Brown, the B-52s, Trisha Yearwood, and many, many more. And, as expected, the number and quality of recording studios and music production companies match the caliber of the artists.

SAE Institute alumni who studied audio in Atlanta have found career opportunities with companies like Turner and CNN, who both have their headquarters in Atlanta. Alumni have also worked with internationally known and respected music publishers like Atlanta’s BMI. Other exciting opportunities that our alumni have been presented with have been creating Live Sound for the Georgia Aquarium or working with Atlanta’s top recording studios like Silent Sound, Icon, and Patchwerk.

Study film in “new Hollywood”

In addition, Georgia has become a major player in the film and entertainment industry and has been dubbed “Hollywood of the South”, attracting an ever-growing number of productions, including Marvel’s “Black Panther”, Sony’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, and Netflix’s “Ozark”. The reason behind this production boom lies in having one of the most competitive tax incentive programs in the country, along with a numerous amount of production and recording facilities, and a network of technology and support services. 


Atlanta is home to film production studios like Tyler Perry Studios, which is one of the largest studios in the US and encompasses 330 acres, 12 sound stages, and over a dozen standing sets. Georgia is also home to Warner Media’s headquarters and offers attractive career opportunities across TV, movies, news, and sports. Georgia is also home to the famous Pinewood Studios, the second-largest purpose-built studio in North America, featuring 18 sound stages, workshop facilities, and an extensive 400-acre backlot.

Last but not least, Atlanta has become one of the latest hubs of game development, with a growing community of artists, programmers, and gamers. 

Digital media companies like Cartoon Network, Game Developers like Dragon Army or Eyes Wide Games, and support services like Razorfish, Cox Communications, and Buzzfeed operate in Atlanta and provide graduates with exciting opportunities for all skill sets and levels. 

A great place to network for future career success!

Degree and diploma programs to help you start a career in creative media

It doesn’t matter if you have decided to study audio, concentrate on your education in digital film, or just want to get prepared to enter the entertainment business, SAE Institute Atlanta has the right program to study creative media for you. 

Our campus is located in the historic Cornerstone Building in Downtown Atlanta, with audio production studios built by world-renowned studio builder Michael Cronin. It features industry-standard hardware and software like the SSL 4000G+ 48-channel analog console, a 5.1 surround sound theater, featuring a Pro Tools HD system, and a Learning Resource Center, among other things. 

Our accredited Audio, Entertainment Business, and Digital Film Programs are led by passionate, often award-winning instructors who make sure the subjects are targeted to real-world problems. 

After graduation, you will be equipped with the skills and the network to make your passion for entertainment your profession. If you want to have a feel about what your career could look like check out what our alumni have been up to lately. 

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