4 Things You May Not Know About Our Film Associate Degree

Cinematography in Atlanta

If you’ve ever tuned into our social channels or browsed our website or catalogs, you know that SAE Institute offers programs in a few different creative media industries. You may also know that Digital Film is the one of those areas of study in which students can choose to pursue a degree.

But you may not know that for students whose interests include things like film production, storytelling, and editing, our Associate of Applied Science in Digital Film Program offers intensive practical and theoretical courses of study that provides them with the skills to shape visual media design and creation.

What else is there to know about this program? Here are four things you may not yet know about our Film Associate Degree.

Courses are offered at two of our six campuses

With a total of six campuses located across the country, SAE Institute offers varying degree programs at different campuses. Our Film Associate degree is currently offered at our campus in Atlanta, GA; one of the biggest film-producing markets in the world and Emeryville, CA; which is known for its rich cultural background and proximity to prominent studios like Pixar Animation.

The coursework is designed to be completed in as little as 16 months

The Associate of Applied Science in Digital Film program consists of 16 courses taken in 16 months. With courses ranging from “Storytelling for Contemporary Media” and “Film Studies” to “Production Design” and “Camera & Lighting”, the program provides students with both the technical and creative components of film and video production, as well as business principles and practices of the entertainment industry.

The program covers all three phases of the pipeline

The Digital Film program covers Pre-Production (producing, screenwriting, etc), Production (directing, cameras, lighting, etc), and Post-Production (picture editing, sound editing and design, etc). “It’s important for students to understand and experience the entire process to help them succeed in the industry.” says Digital Film Program Chair, Tom Sylla. “Students in the Digital Film Program learn filmmaking by doing it — our courses include numerous hands-on projects taught by talented instructors who have significant professional experience in the industry.”

Some of the many types of projects students create in their courses include narrative films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, promotional videos, web series, virtual reality films, etc.

Digital Film prepares students for a variety of career options

Graduates who complete the program are prepared with the knowledge for entry-level positions such as:

Art Director
Camera Operator
Casting Director
Production Assistant
Assistant Director
Casting Director
Editor/Assistant Editor
Script Supervisor
Location Manager
And many more!

Graduates of the Digital Film Program will learn skills applicable to the following industries: Film Production, Television, Commercials/Advertising, Corporate Media, Mobile Media, or Media Post Production.

Whether you’re considering a career in Digital Film or simply want to learn more about our different degree programs, contact us for more information or visit us online at

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