5 Questions with SAE Institute Miami Alumni Dashius Clay


There are many different paths students take after graduation when it comes to career choices. Some students choose to venture into the film and tv industry, some choose to go into live broadcasting or game design. Some students who are artists themselves, choose to use the knowledge and connections they’ve gained to launch their own careers in the music industry. One student who took this route is 2006 Miami graduate, Dashius Clay. Not only is he a producer and artist himself, but he’s also the owner of his own indie record label PLTNM Inc (officially launching this month) as well as other business ventures. Follow along as we learn more about his background, what he’s working on now, and the advice he has for current students.

1.) Who or what inspired you to get into music?

Since a little kid I have been introduced to different forms of music and became obsessed. I started with instruments and then started writing and performing every chance I could. I was born in Colombia and raised in Miami, so my palette for music is extremely broad. My grandmother was the music director for various churches, my mother was obsessed with electronic music, and my friends were all obsessed with hip-hop and rock music. 

2.) What was your time at SAE Institute like?

Til this day, I consider SAE to be one of the most pivotal points of my life and career. I underestimated what I was going to learn by a 1000%. The hands-on training and group projects prepared me for the road ahead of me, and the relationships I built were very clutch. There was a lot about producing that I never considered, engineering really opened my eyes to limitless possibilities and gave me complete confidence over what I wanted to create. I had an amazing teacher named Gordon Mac who trained me to be great, and another named Brimstone who taught me to “Make it Happen” and reach for the stars. 

3.) What are you currently working on?

My weekly schedule right now consists of producing for a rotation of artists that I am working with, writing my 5th solo album, running my record label PLTNM, moving my line of sneakers/merch, and still making time to always keep learning. I learned early on that consistency is key and the more I create, the happier I am. 

4.) What are you looking to accomplish next?

I have been chasing a grammy and platinum plaque for the past 4-5 years, so that is my biggest personal goal. I recently signed a distribution and publishing deal for my label so it’s been a long process of getting everything ready for my official label launch in June. 

5.) What advice do you have for students who might be considering the same path?

Talk to alumni and visit the facility first hand. Secondly, ask yourself if you are really ready to dedicate your life to chasing the impossible. There are a lot of hard days and hungry nights, but it all becomes worth it if you fight your way through it. 

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