How to Prepare for the Audio Industry: Tips from an Emmy Award Winner

SAE Institute Audio Instructor Marshaun Robinson is an Emmy Award-Winning Engineer, local Producer, and Broadcast Engineer for CBS Radio. He understands the Audio Industry presents unique challenges, especially for those trying to get their start as an audio engineer or producer.

We asked him to share 5 tips on how to prepare for the audio industry, that all aspiring Audio Engineers should consider.

Practice is necessary

Many of the best engineers in audio and music spend years practicing their craft before arriving at success. Talent must be groomed to prepare you for the next level.

Learn the different parts of the audio industry

Music, the Music Business, and the Music Industry are three different things. Music is the creative performance that everyone enjoys. The Music Business is the way you are compensated for your talent. The Music Industry is comprised of politics, networking, connections, press, and strategy. You need to learn all three.

Make goal setting a priority

Have short term and long-term goals to keep you focused and determined. Stay the path.

Avoid burnout by finding a balance

Between your music and the day-to-day of life, your career will be demanding. You must take time for the other parts of your life including family, friends, hobbies, etc. If you do not achieve balance, you will quickly experience burnout.

Learn how present yourself as an audio professional

Presentation is one of the primary keys to success. A good impression separates the amateur from the professional. A clean website and relevant social media accounts to display the quality you provide is 100% necessary.

An education from SAE Institute can be your foundation to learn more about recording, mixing, and mastering your own music.