5 Tips From GRAMMY® Award-Winning Producer and SAE Institute Career Services Advisor, Frank Socorro

GRAMMY® Award-Winning Engineer, Producer, Studio Owner, and SAE Institute Mentor and Career Services Advisor, Frank Socorro understands the Audio Industry presents unique challenges. Here are his top 5 tips he says all aspiring Audio Engineers should consider.


Relationships are key to your success. Most work in the industry comes from recommendations. Build a strong and healthy network and maintain those relationships.


Be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Not only does it look good with clients, but it also ensures that you are the bookends to the gig, you keep everything in place.


We are all entitled to our opinion, but it’s very important to understand when and how you should deliver it. The wrong thing said at the wrong time can bring a creative session to an immediate halt. Don’t be that guy.


This is an ever-evolving field our careers rely heavily on technology. Stay up to date, learn new techniques, don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Leave all the bad energy at the door. You’re working with creators who are fueled by a positive and equally creative environment. It’s your job to encourage that.

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