3 Reasons why Miami is a Great Place to Study Audio

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There are many things to consider when choosing a destination to pursue higher education. Some may think that staying near to their hometown might be best for them. Others may find themselves going to a different state or country to study. If you happen to have your eye on “The Sunshine State”, there’s one city that may be your ideal destination to start pursuing your creative passions — and that’s Miami.

Miami is no stranger to tourists in search of sandy beaches, great food, and exciting nightlife. But what is it about this city that makes it a great place for beginning a career in Audio? Follow along as we put the spotlight on 3 reasons why Miami is a great place to study Audio.

The Vibrant Music Scene

It’s no secret that millions of tourists flock to Miami. According to city data, 11.6 million people make their way to the city every year. The reasons as to why are plenty, but one of the most prominent is the vibrant music scene. Pulsating nightclubs and trendy bars fill almost every corner of neighborhoods like Downtown, Wynwood, and South Beach, making it a dream for aspiring DJs, artists, and music lovers alike. Miami is also home to major music festivals like ULTRA, Rolling Loud, and III Points. These festivals not only attract big artists and music fans, but also provide opportunities for aspiring audio professionals to gain experience in the live music scene. What better place for students and graduates to get their foot in the door than somewhere where music is not only appreciated but is also a way of life?

There’s No Shortage of Recording Studios

If engineering and/or producing for yourself or other artists is your dream career path, Miami is the city for you. According to World Atlas, Miami is in the top 5 cities in the US with the most recording studios. What does that mean for students? With new artists emerging every year in a thriving, competitive music industry, being in a city that facilitates music-making is fundamental. Moreover, with many opportunities to intern or get your foot in the door, students have a variety of studios in which they can gain real-life experience.

You Can Pursue Your Passions Here

Since opening its doors in 2002, SAE Institute Miami, located in North Miami Beach, has become one of Miami’s most popular providers of audio education, preparing over 1,500 audio professionals for careers in the audio industry. Under the guidance of industry-experienced faculty, students have been gaining a foundation of practical theory and essential experience in the audio discipline for over 20 years. For those looking to begin a career in audio, SAE Institute Miami could be your ideal destination. If you’re interested in checking out the Miami campus, schedule a tour by getting in touch with us online or reach us by phone at 305-944-7494. For more information about our Audio program, visit us at