SAE Institute Chicago Takes Over the CTA to Host ‘Live Line’

Music Business Program students at SAE Institute Chicago took over the Chicago Transit Authority on May 13, 2015 to showcase Chicago’s art and music inside two train cars. Looping the Brown Line, the train cars were packed with energy as Chicago’s finest EDM DJs played live sets, and screenings from local leading filmmakers and producers were shown.

The class motto, “This is not a school, This is our future,” laid the foundation to takeover the CTA to celebrate the creative heart of the city and champion the reduction of our carbon footprint on the planet.

“Not every city has the skyline, the attitude, the heart, the people that we do here in Chicago. We’re lucky to have the support of a school that lets students run with their imaginations, make things happen, that perhaps shouldn’t, and, in turn, defines the spirit of the city we live in,” said Martin Atkins, Music Business Program Department Chair at SAE Institute Chicago.

Riding the CTA is not just amazing when it’s full of art and talent, but also for servicing millions of riders daily and limiting the amount of carbon emissions going into our atmosphere. The event pumped a breath of fresh air into raising the awareness of Chicago CTA’s involvement in carbon reduction during daily commute. If just one person in a two car household chose to ride public transportation for their daily commute, this would be equivalent to an 8.1% reduction in the annual carbon footprint of a typical American household.