So you want to be… a Production Designer

film production crew

You have always been attracted to the visual aspects of a production. The look and feel, the emotional tone, the props… And you have always known that you want to make it in the media entertainment industry. So why not combine your two passions and get the right education to become a Production Designer?

What does a Production Designer do?

The role of a Production Designer is to work closely with the producer to create the visual concept of a film, TV, or theater production. They are in charge of the style for locations, props, the color palette, set decoration, and costumes, and work closely with the Director and the Producer of the production. 

The job of a Production Designer starts during the pre-production stage, where the designer and the Director agree on a vision and negotiate budgets to achieve this vision. Once the concept is decided, designers appoint and manage an Art Department. 

Once the production moves into principal photography, the Production Designer’s job is to manage their crew and work closely with the Art Director. 

The responsibilities of a Production Designer 

Production designers often work as freelancers, which makes marketing themselves, their skills, and their personal brand as well as growing their network essential. 

Some tasks during a project include:

  • Reading the script to identify which style might be appropriate for the setting
  • Researching art history, politics, and historical information for accuracy
  • Planning and monitoring the design budget
  • Sourcing appropriate materials.

The skills you need to become a Production Designer

To become successful in this field, you need to have an understanding of how to combine what is conveyed in a script with the Director’s vision. You need to:

  • Understand how props, dressing, and sets inform the visual appearance of a film 
  • Be a creative powerhouse
  • Have a good knowledge of the production process
  • Have the ability to communicate ideas through technical drawing and model making
  • Be able to supervise a team or art department.

The education you need to start in the industry

It is a good idea to gain the skill sets and experience you need to become successful in this competitive field in a formal training program. Our Atlanta campus currently offers you a Digital Film Associate program that can be completed in only 16 months, and that will equip you with the insights you need to take the first step into this industry.

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