Yelawolf Album Recorded & Mixed by SAE Atlanta Faculty Member

“Love Story”, the latest album from platinum-selling rapper Yelawolf, recently debuted at #2 on the iTunes Top 100 album chart. “Love Story” was recorded and mixed by SAE Institute Miami graduate and current SAE Institute Atlanta faculty member Matt Hayes.

Yelawolf blended hip hop with country and rock on ‘Love Story,’ which is a pretty experimental approach,” says Hayes. “He does a lot more singing on the album than he has on any of his other releases. You’ll also hear a very organic sound compared to other hip-hop albums because there was a focus on using live instrumentation in the productions.”

“Love Story” (Slumerican/Shady/Interscope) was recorded and produced at Blackbird Studios in Nashville and mixed at Silent Sound Studio in Atlanta. WLPWR, Malay, Track Bangas, and Eminem were the featured producers on the album. Hayes’ contributions to the project included:

“Outer Space” – recording and mixing
“Change” – mixing
“Whiskey in a Bottle” – recording and mixing
“Ball and Chain” – recording and mixing
“Till It’s Gone” – recording and mixing
“Best Friend” featuring Eminem – recording
“Empty Bottles” – mixing
“Tennessee Love” – recording and mixing
“Box Chevy V” – recording and mixing
“Love Story” – recording and mixing
“Johnny Cash” – mixing
“Have a Great Flight” – mixing
“Sky’s the Limit” – recording and mixing
“Disappear” – mixing
“Fiddle Me This” – recording and mixing

Hayes graduated from South Plantation High School in Plantation, FL in 1999 and enrolled at Florida International University in 2000. He graduated with a B.B.A. degree in 2004 and continued his schooling at SAE Miami, eventually earning an Audio Technology Diploma and a WAVES Certification in 2006. Hayes joined the faculty at SAE Institute Atlanta in 2009, and has been part of Yelawolf’s production team since 2011.

“The biggest challenge for me on ‘Love Story’ was being patient,” says Hayes. “It took about two years from the first day of production to the final mixes. While I wanted to keep the album moving forward, Yelawolf and his camp wanted to take time to digest everything and live with the songs for a while before taking the next step. In hindsight, that was a very smart idea, and the quality of the album backs up the wisdom of their approach.” While busy with his professional studio schedule, Hayes manages to find time to teach Mixing, Pro Tools, Audio Electronics, Microphones, Signal Processing, Intro to MIDI, Intro to DAW, Music Theory, Synchronization, Interface & Formats at SAE Institute’s downtown Atlanta campus.

“The most valuable aspect of SAE Institute’s curriculum is the hands-on time that students get in the studios at each campus,” says Hayes. “It’s impossible to teach audio technology solely on the basis of theory. Solid practical instruction and experience is essential, and students get plenty of that at SAE Institute.”

From PRWeb