Kia Eshghi

Adjunct Instructor


A 20 year veteran of the music industry. At the age of 18 Kia toured nationally and internationally as a guitar player with successful Hardcore Metal band Unearth (Metal Blade, Century Media) Played many festivals such as Warped Tour, Hellfest, Ozzfest and shared the stage with many notable acts (In Flames, Soilwork, Shadows Fall, HUM, Andrew WK, Hatebreed, Shai Hulud, Lamb of God)  When Kia got tendinitis, forcing him to rethink his career, he decided to go to audio school and subsequently worked with a series of impressive mentors.  Bob Hoag (The Ataris, The Format), Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Blue Man Group, Unsane)  and Henry Hirch (Madonna, Lenny Kravitz) all mentored Kia long at different points and contributed to molding him into the Producer/Engineer he is today.  Eventually Kia built an impressive client list of both Major label and independent artists including Timbaland, G-Unit, Chamillionaire, Ashanti, Justin Timberlake. Kia won best Modern Rock Album of The Year in 2010 at the Korean Music Awards for Production of Indie Rock album ‘201’ by The Black Skirts.  Kia went on to tour Korea with his own Indie Rock Band Rumi & The Sufis, opening for some of Koreas most popular Rock bands in a 2 week tour including festivals and National TV appearances.  Kia has since branched out to the field of post production audio for video. He has done work for the Gaurdian, The Atlantic, DirectTV and many others. Most recently, Kia started his own record label “Hanging Moon Records” and is continuing to develop and produce talented artists. Bachelor’s Degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music and Music Production and Engineering Diploma from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.  Kia is currently in the process of earning his MFA in Sonic Arts from CUNY Brooklyn College.